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well-versed urology practitioners propel the wellbeing of our patients suffering from urological diseases. Our experts excel in the right diagnosis and urological treatment with surgeries and operations. From cancer to fertility the specialist address the concerns and approaches with the right care and delivers services that improve the quality of life

Urology is a health care part that deals with male and female urinary tract diseases. The problems might arise with kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra for females or penis testes, prostate, etc other serious conditions for males. For urologic health, it is crucial to be careful enough to know the adverse effects beforehand by consulting expert urologists. Urologists are involved in many other parts of health care which include surgeries, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, and a wide range of clinical problems, however, the scope is too vast. Aksha Hospitals urologists deal with all the specialty and subspecialty problems such as Pediatric urology, Renal transplant, Urologic oncology, Male Infertility, Female Urology, Neurology organs, enlarged prostate, and calculi. For an extensive treatment for all the health concerns associated with urology, consult the best urologist in Hyderabad from Aksha Hospitals.

Why Choose Us

Aksha Hospitals has a proven record of cases that have yielded successful outcomes with top-trained urologists attentive to the personalized Aksha Hospitals of every patient and evaluating the root cause of the problem. With rapidly evolving and developing technologies involved in the modern world, the experts from Aksha Hospitals conduct PSA tests, sonography, Laparoscopic surgery, urologic endoscopy, treatment with flexible and rigid instrumentation techniques. Urethral surgery, percutaneous renal surgery, bladder, prostate, ureter, and several other urological operations with complete involvement and attention for overall well-being and successful treatment of the patient. Our urologists are experienced and their expertise helps in putting an end to acute urological diseases. Lakhs of people who have trusted us for years, made our Aksha Hospitals Hospitals reach this successful milestone. Advanced Treatments, procedures, using the cutting-edge technologies in the medical industry, with tidy and large operating rooms, cleaned and highly maintained surroundings, precautionary measures, with serene environment

Our Hospitals have bountiful services, equipment, and infrastructure is the best multi-specialty hospital for many years. To help yourself to be treated for Urological health conditions book an appointment at the nearest Aksha Hospitals.


Urology disorders or diseases will be adverse if not treated at the right time with the right care. However to diagnose this any patient can observe the symptoms involved with various diseases, to know the problem concerned with it, one must take advanced personalized diagnostics to check out the list of Urological problems he/she is associated with. Only an expert urologist can help you deal with your concerns, by self-observation of patients, diagnostic results, and medical history. Get the right consultation from the department of urology at Aksha Hospitals Hospitals and observe the conditions you are subjected to. We ensure the 100% hygienic environment and protocols for our patient's safety, diagnosis process will be at convenience and ease.

Customized recommendations, for fast-paced and accurate information about the problem to provide effective treatment:

  • Urology diagnosis involves various Imaging tests such as
  • renal angiography
  • prostate sonogram
  • Rectal sonogram
  • CT scan or ultrasound of the kidney
  • cystography
  •  pyelogram
  • vasectomy
  • ureteroscopy
  • Lithotripsy
  • orchiopexy
  • penile plication
  • Urethral Stent
  • Vasectomy Reversal
  • Robotic surgery
  • Penile implants

Laser PVP surgery, urinary tract scanning, and many other tests to observe tumors, blockages, functionalities, or any other abnormalities.

Some of the serious Symptoms involved in urologic disorders to detect and to be aware of.

  • Blood in the urine
  • Frequent urination
  • Toxic lesions
  • Injuries
  • Pain while urinating
  • Difficulties in urination
  • Weak urination
  • Urine leakage
  • Inflammatory process
  • Kidneys problems
  • Urethra problems
  • Male genital discomforts

If you face Abdominal pains and any other abnormalities and discomforts, these are the signs that your body urges for a proper diagnosis and treatment related to urology


Aksha Hospitals's urology department has a well visioned, versatile, and multiple subspecialty urologists who dealt with various critical and emergency treatments with their timely care and by using the right techniques involved in the medical modernity. Our collaborative experience with complex care can behold successful patient speed recovery. Our trained urologists first diagnose and discover the root cause of the problem and treat both male and female urinary tract diseases and also deals with every hook and corner of areas of urology to meet every patient's needs appropriately

We have a record of proven treatments for even unusual conditions of patients. We have the answer with our state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities

We have experienced and extended our services and have seen heights of success in management and services for severe urological disordered patients. If you have any problems other than mentioned above don't hesitate to seek our experts' appointment to get accurate results for your unhealthy conditions.

Aksha Hospitals treat male and female urologic diseases at our in-house medical center, we are one of the best urological surgeons with our advanced research and professionalism we help you bring back your normal and quality life.

Wide range of treatments including Endoscopic procedures, prostate adenoma, cancer treatment, plastic surgery of ureter, Laparoscopic surgery, bladder treatment, prostate cancer, kidney stone removal, and other emergency care services and interventions 24/7 availability

Overall the process involves at Aksha Hospitals urologists includes the following steps:

  • Personal evaluation / examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Laboratory tests
  • Treatment/operation/surgeries
  • Medication


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