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General medicine is the most difficult definition but somehow defines as "General and Internal medicines, of the treatment protocols which follows the pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, and monitoring of the patients. In the first order of generic medicines, a patient enters with complicated issues. The general doctor at Aksha Hospitals is taking the history of the patient and examines the physical examination the patient.

General medicines at Hyderabad are also known by the other name -Internal medicines. General medicines are the solution to cardio and metabolic renal disease including cardiovascular and transplants. General medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the internal disease of the organs in adults. General medicine is one of the medical specialists who deal with the patient of internal disease, this is called internist or the physician which is the doctor specializing in the internal disease internal medicine. In the case of a complex investigation, the patients with internal medicine are often seriously ill and the internists do their work for the patient with the diagnosis of internal disease.

General medicines specialist physicians are trained to manage the particular disease conditions that single organ disease may not be specially trained with that. They manage a serious acute disease that will affect the multiple organs system in the human body or the internists may have to manage the multiple chronic illnesses they may have in a single patient.

General or Internal medicine specialists do not have more expertise than a single organ specialist, they all are well trained for a patient with multiple problems for a specific role, just because this is a complex disease and complex to explain the treatment of that disease.

There is little confusion about the meaning of internal medicine and what is the role of an internist. The internist is a qualified physician training in internal medicine, who is the first intern doctor in the first year of residency training. The internist is not a general practitioner or family practitioner. They may act as primary care physicians. They will have to complete the three-year residency training course which provides them with a focus on the care of patients without pediatrics training or further course.

General medicine physicians are very well trained to provide the care and cure of all ages patients, including adults, children, and old age persons. General medicine physicians provide a complete treatment of non-life-threatening and specialized doctors of serious diseases the patient. General medicines physicians are very highly knowledgeable to conduct surgeries and all types of branches of medical procedures.

Our team can be assured the patient that the assistance is right from the time that they contact the hospital. One of our coordinators will remain in touch with the patient till the process of treatment appointment and arrangements.

The team of general medicine physicians always utilizes the advantage of their superb technology.

Why Choose Us

Aksha Hospitals is located in Hyderabad, India, and is well connected with all major cities, which is very convenient for patients for clinical excellence. They are committed to even the most difficult cases for the benefit of their patients. They provide the specialist physicians with the personal care of the patients where the patient feels comfortable with healthcare experience with the professionals.

They are committed to delivering their best healthcare team to serve the service of their patients and themselves having given the best cure and medical experience for the patients.

This organization is efficient and organized the best way of working in the hospital and allows us to care for patients with the best healthcare and hospitality.

In the hospital, there is a large number of our expert team, manpower and doctors and devoted staff, and great infrastructure. We are having the best treatment technology and facilities with global standards, making us today a trusted name around the country



General medicines can treat all conditions of any medical problems that do not involve surgeries. They can treat cardiovascular, respiratory system, gastrointestinal and neurological systems, etc. They have developed such special areas of interest listed under medical conditions. They have a broad knowledge of general medicines.

General medicine physicians can have a diverse range of appropriate tests for your or patient medical condition. General medicines most of the time involve laboratory investigation like blood tests etc. and as well they may further process other tests like urine or fluid and other parts of the body.

The general medicine physicians experienced a great deal by simple observation. They can examine or look at skin, hands, mouth, eyes, and nails then they can examine your organs also if needed. The general medicine physicians will decide on the investigations of tests to confirm their suspicions for giving the best result and treatment to the patients.


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