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Exploring Arthroscopic Bankart Repair: A Minimally Invasive Solution for Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability can have a significant impact on your daily life, often as a result of a traumatic injury or repetitive strain. It can result in stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint as well as a limited range of motion. If you have been diagnosed with shoulder shakiness, your doctor may recommend an arthroscopic Bankart procedure as a therapy option.


A small camera(arthroscope) is used during an arthroscopic Bankart repair to see the damaged labrum and surrounding structures. The surgeon then repairs the tear and restores stability to the shoulder joint by inserting specialized instruments through small incisions.

The ability to address both the underlying cause of instability and any associated damage in a single procedure is one of the main benefits of arthroscopic Bankart repair. Your surgeon wants to restore stability to the shoulder joint and lower the risk of future dislocations by repairing the labrum and ligaments.


Compared to open surgery, arthroscopic Bankart repair recovery is typically quicker. Within a few weeks, you may be able to resume light activities, and full recovery is anticipated within four to six months. Physical therapy is often recommended to increase the shoulder's strength and range of motion.

Since physical therapy is an integral part of recovery, patients typically begin seeing a physical therapist within a few days of their surgery. The physiotherapist will guide the patient through a series of exercises designed to gradually restore strength, mobility, and function to the shoulder joint.